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Nestled right beneath a 500 year old windmill, Mylos is an iconic beach bar only a few steps away from Lambi beach, in Kos Island Greece. 

Mylos obviously received its name from the long-standing windmill seen above the bar, one of the most emblematic landmarks of Greek summer. It all started in 1997, when Mylos was first introduced as a wooden bar supported by tripods. Year by year, the family of Mylos grew bigger and so did the beach bar itself. The beachfront summer retreat has almost doubled in size and slowly turned into a place for relaxation, inspiration and expression, daily transforming from an all-day-chilling into an all-night-partying destination. 

Sustainable living

Mylos Beach Bar chooses an open-minded, conscious and all-embracing philosophy, according to which all individuals are welcome and respect to the surrounding environment is key. In Mylos, all new ideas are welcome, new concepts are embraced and creativity is celebrated. But first comes nature and preserving the blessed piece of land that allowed Mylos Beach Bar to exist.  

We believe sustainable living is responsible living. By embracing ecology, reducing plastic and single-use items, using environment materials and sourcing locally, we're ensuring a viable route into the future. 

Naturally unpretentious

Cultivated with plenty of craftsmanship, artistry and respect towards its surrounding environs, the bohemian area of Mylos is, by definition, found in the heart of nature. The beach bar itself has no barriers, allowing visitors to walk in either through the main entrance, the beach or through nearby paths of eucalyptus trees and colourful flowers. In fact, in an effort to preserve the natural scenery, asphalt is never used in the entrance, reeds are used in order to block the wind naturally and natural materials are seen throughout. 

Inspired by the Mediterranean laid-back way of living, Mylos is decorated with an earthy palette of sand-like hues. Airy elements and simple materials adorn the space while wooden decks guide your way to the sea. The area presents a variety of handcrafted items, unique art and fine cuisine, that make it a must-visit spot for your next getaway in Kos. And the hand crafted furniture is certainly something to behold, with custom-made pieces, cane-work chairs, wooden stands, embroidered shade cloths and impressive lighting fixtures, making the mood decidedly unpretentious.

Mylos Beach Bar Kos

Kos Island, Greece

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