A tiny slice of heaven

As one of the south-easternmost destinations in Greece, Kos Island has long been a destination for partygoers, and once you visit it's easy to see why. Long sandy beaches, refreshing, crystal clear Aegean waters, a wide variety of activities and plenty of accommodation options, gradually turned Kos into a lovely summer destination for all sorts of travellers.

The island’s mild climate allows for a long summer period, making Mylos beach Bar an ideal spot for your days under the Greek sun.

A beloved beach destination

Found only 2km from the main harbour of Kos, Lambi beach welcomes hundreds of easy going wanderers annually. As one of the most visited and loved beachfront spots, Lambi is easy to access and boasts an uninterrupted view of the Turkey coast. Grab your leisurewear and head for Mylos. Spend the whole day, living the dream!

Mylos Beach Bar Kos

Kos Island, Greece

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